Department of Plant Pathology
The main task of the department is to conduct research on the identification, biology, ecology and control of fungi and fungal-like organisms that cause crop diseases. In addition, diseases of ornamentals and other plants grown in urban areas as well as problems in forest pathology and plant diseases in natural reserves are also investigated. The development of plant protection technologies based on the use of fungicides and other methods and the application of microbes that may control plant pathogens and weeds as biocontrol agents are in focus, as well. Special attention is paid to the etiology and the epidemiology of apple scab, monilia and Phytophthora diseases, fusarioses, especially in relation to mycotoxin production, and diseases caused by powdery mildew and rust fungi. Molecular analyses are used to investigate the precise identification, phylogeny and intraspecific and interspecific variability of Fusarium, powdery mildew, Monilinia, Pyrenophora, Phytophthora and rust species as well as fungicide resistance in some plant pathogenic fungi.
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